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Socializing Our Youth
Building Family Health & Education With Positive Parenting

Building Family Health Education With Positive Parenting


  • FEES WAIVED:  Parenting Phone Consultations fees waived for participants currently enrolled in a positive parenting class facilitated by L'dia Men-Na'a
  • Prices subject to change 
Socializing Our Youth Phone Consultations & Charts


Parenting education will involve learning how to chart one's own child and help them navigate through life. Instruction will help parents to develop their own personal consciousness and intuitive abilities as a mother or a father and commit to wholistic parenting on the mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical levels. 

2 Hour Group: Mother Is 1st Nurse 1st Teacher


"Mother Is 1st Nurse 1st Teacher Positive Parenting"  Community Page

This page is shared with mother and father and the "public" face book community. Various child and family interests themes or events will be posted on this page.  "Likes, Comments, and Sharing" on this page is encouraged and appreciated. 

Many of the lessons in the PVIPP class will utilize this educational community page for reference material (healthy recipes, healthy activities, youtube video links, current events, other related facebook pages, websites, blogs, etc...) for discussions in class and in the "Closed Facebook Group" threads. 

"Mother Is 1st Nurse 1st Teacher" (For mothers only)

Is the closed group designed for mothers who are parenting their children according to "Key Steps To Parenting By The Numbers" and/or who have taken the Positive Vision Intuitive Parenting Program, to share information and discuss ideas amongst themselves to develop a "Mother Support Circle" for each other.


PVIPP will provide educational material about ancient wisdom on "Earth Therapies". Parents  will have the opportunity to explore traditional uses & ideas about how they were incorporated in family health.  Techniques: such as meditation, for example,  and how to take children crystal shopping. This program encourages and involves the child(ren) to be actively involved in decision making so that they know their part in building better family health:

  • [_] Health & Nutrition
  • [_] Aromatherapy
  • [_] Colors & Music
  • [_] Crystal Therapy Energy BodyWork
  • [_] Flower Remedies with vibrational changes
  • [_] Homeopathic listing with vibrational changes
  • [_] Character Building
  • [_] Educational Choices & Occupation Groups



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PVIPP is an 6 session 2 hours each cultural sensitivity based, parenting empowerment program.


All educational materials are designed based on mathematical assessment of the participants father and/or mother, and 1 child at a time to focus on, who have registered  for the program only. 


Before registering or receiving materials for PVIPP, a consultation is required.  During the 1st consultation the parent and facilitator will determine if the program implementation process is right for the family:

  • mathematical assessment of family includes calculating: Innerchild, Life Purpose, Destiny & Vision 
  • 4 group dates on which the instructional part of the program is scheduled and parent(s) availability,
  • 2 independent personal follow-up consultation: texts/phone calls,
  • parental a commitment (mother and/or father) for positive change


The 1st Phone Consultation with parent(s) (mother and/or father) must be set up 30 days prior to participating in the program. The Consultation can be as little as 10 minutes or as long as 60 minutes dependent upon the parent's choice for a time slot and the detail of questions and discussion required.

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To set up a consultation please call 770-912-5800 Click for consultation link



It is important for father and mothertoFOR  establish a family vision and purpose for having children in this society. When parenting with a purpose children learn that they are born into a family and the family was here first before there was the individual,  children are reminded that it is family who feeds and protects when the individual is unable to do that for themself. Because it is the family who gives right guidance, supports, and raises up the individual to adulthood. 

All that is done reflects back onto the family, and the children are the representatives, teach the children the family vision so that when they go out into the world it will be the "family name" that continues on.  Although the family is made up of individuals, the family is greater than the individual. In having a purpose for the family, children are taught that they are not here just for themselves, they are here for the Family Vision.   

By Abdulsamad Tajh



Positive Vision Intuitive Parenting Program




CHILD CHARTS & WORKSHOP: Mother Is 1st Nurse 1st Teacher



[_] Interviews
[_] Panel Discussions
[_] Presentations
[_] Teachers Workshops
[_] Parent Workshops
[_] Eight 2 Hour Classes
[_] Three 15 Minute Phone

[_] 1st Week Knowledge 

5th Week Review
Healthy Family Relationships

[_] 2nd Week Refine

6th Week Review
Growth And Development

  • Children Age Development
  • Building Character
  • 9 Nutritional Vibrational Foods
  • Childhood: Stress, exercise, & diet
  • Food Categories: Shopping & Planningood Categories: Shopping & Pl

[_] 3rd Week Transform

7th Week Review
Conflict Resolution

  • Universal Laws & Rules: Behavior Change Chart
  • Stress Relief, Anger Management
  • Managing Misbehavior
  • Aromatherapy
  • Self-Care: Meditation & MusicSelf-Care: Meditation & Music

[_] 4th Week Power

8th Week Review

Self-Care Stress Relief Anger Management
Self-Care Supportive Relationships

  • Extended Family
  • Parent/Teacher Alliances
  • Friendships
  • Business
  • Romance
  • Social Media


  • 1  Collaborating Intellect  


[_]Vision:  Create profitable concepts: Family business, charity

[_]Mother:  Value individuality, do not compare children to each other

[_]Father:  Respect & originality encouraged, set standards for excellence.

[_]Youth:  To stand on their own, move ahead with courage, new opportunities

[_] 55/1 Master New Thought Forms: Telepathy, Prophecy. A mediator who strives to promote a stream of life between Higher Consciousness & the developing self. Expands spiritual consciousness for spiritual insights. Visualizes future accomplishments for the benefit of humanity. Gifted in listening to the problems of others & how to offer new patterns of thought in advising of walking the lighted path to attain spiritual goals. Ability to utilize gifts of mental telepathy, astral projection, & prophecy. Sales

[_] 100/1 Insight & Illumination: In The World But Not Of It. Possessing the powers of the Mystics qualifying self through manifestation of: Honesty, helpfulness, fairness, justice. Developing traits of sharing & cooperation. Assisting in the expansion of Cosmic Consciousnes

  • 2    Diplomatic Service   


[_]Vision:  Family activities involve co working on projects, charity groups.

[_]Mother:  Provide educational activities,entertainment for youth & friends

[_]Father:  Support research projects. Encourages to pursue their interests

[_]Youth:  Be emotionally available for others w/o becoming dependent/enabling

[_] Master: 11/2 Spiritual Messenger Master Illumination: Healer, Use of truth & guiding light to raise world spirituality to Cosmic Consciousness for a new vision, new health, & a new view regarding life. Has the power to change environments in order to create these new conditions, building new minds & bodies. Must work on goals/missions that provide service to the public. Promoter, teacher, speaker, writer

  • 3   Public Relations     


[_]Vision:  Social gatherings, lecturers, speaking on behalf of community.

[_]Mother:  Expresses love for children thru gifts, reading bedtime stories

[_]Father:  Encourage youth’s artistic & musical talents

[_]Youth:  Uplift through virtues in music, paintings, theatre, poetry, stories

[_] 66/3 Master Cosmic Love: Philosopher, Teaching, Sharing Wisdom. The philosopher who has gained personal transformation through suffering or sacrifices & has learned that compassionate love must be expressed while living in this dimension. Development comes from working with opposite energies: passion/compassion, pleasure/pain, joy/sorrow. Through these emotional experiences the soul is strengthened & opened to instruction and obedience without bitterness. 

  • 4  Planning & Organizing 


[_]Vision:  Home maintain on a schedule, order: Building, finances, farming

[_]Mother: Teach good habits, give them practical knowledge for living.

[_]Father: Live by rules, teach responsibility with lessons in courage/survival

[_]Youth: Achieving by keeping a schedule that sets goals, develops a plan 

[_] 22/4 Master Builder: Director Of Spiritual Consciousness. Use of spiritual principles to execute plans within organizations designed to build for all humanity. The reader of the Akashic Records. Use of positive altering forces & Kundalini energy to elevate & create in the image of God through spiritualization & a powerful perfect balance of internal harmony & cooperation. Business, directing others towards achievement, caring for & completing of work left undone by others. .

  • Change & Excitement


[_]Vision: Activities to do with words, projection of ideas. Travel, sales,writing

[_]Mother: Offers youth who take chances to live w/consequences of actions

[_]Father: Gives the freedom to take chances for growth/development

[_]Youth: Preparation for sudden changes/surprises, opportunities to travel

[_] 77/5 A Lone Mystic Master Of Changing Old Concepts To New Concepts Spiritually Wise. To walk the path of the initiation into conscious union with the Higher Consciousness within. Achieve inner wisdom transmute it to cosmic love through purification mentally, spiritually, emotionally, & physically checking a rebellious nature through obstacles & tests. Often misunderstood while seeking ways to help humanity. Inspiring visions of trust & faith in opportune moments of everyday occurrences of life.

  • 6   Comfort For Families & Community


[_]Vision: Teaching educational pursuits involve charitable organizations.

[_]Mother: Be proud of the minor occasions, keep a book of accomplishments

[_]Father: Provide examples of respect, thoughtfulness, manners, warmth, generosity

[_]Youth: To serve & nurture. Teach youth traditional/cultural values & standards. 

[_] 33/6 Master Teacher Of Healing Energies: Joyful. Giving healing through devotion of service and responsibility from an unconditional love. A reformer of those who struggle with indulgences in negative activity. Lives life by examples of love and offering forgiveness to those who require help with transformation by the renewal of the mind. Preacher, Speaker, Teacher of teachers.


  • 7   Spirituality & Intuitiveness.


[_]Vision: Science, astronomy, the arts of mystics, numerology, hypnosis

[_]Mother: Teach chemistry thru cooking. Introduce new words.

[_]Father: Teach care of possession by mending instead of replacing

[_]Youth: Establish connection w/the universe in accord w/Universal laws

[_] 88/7 Master Of Material Reform: New Awakening Power Power & authority of the material world with spiritual laws. Opportunities come through challenging situations. Meditation exercises that realigning brain function toning the right and left hemispheres of the brain maximize resources. Develop discipline to overcome excess by having free choice to make correct decisions by following the 8 Fold Path: [] 1. Right understanding [] 2. Right thought [] 3. Right speech [] 4. Right action [] 5. Right livelihood [] 6. Right effort [] 7. Right mindfulness [] 8. Right concentration. Study motives, decisions have a long range affecting future outcomes. Follow actions that are for the good of humanity. A seed is the thought held intensely until the idea goes into the realm of emotions. The merging of thought with emotions allows the seed to take root with a firm vibrational expression released into consciousness then birthed on the physical plane as manifestation. Business

  • 8   Financial Institutions & Community Development 


[_]Vision: Big ideas abt. making money thru honesty, respectability, fairness, trust

[_]Mother: Prepare youth to be financial genius, toy bank/register. Open account

[_]Father: Pick activities or sports according to youth’s physical talents

[_]Youth: Way to success/prosperity is the “win-win”

[_] 44/8 Master Material And Spiritual Power: Self Control. Through understanding of financial values making the best spiritual use of material abundance by having a direct link to higher wisdom. Attains wholeness by controlled energy through discipline, wisdom, & devotion. Use of Divine creative energy for the highest creative ideal of Godliness. Business, military career idea that empower others 

  • 9   Humanitarian & World Pursuits


[_]Vision: Study world affairs, foreign lands, travel, adventure, healing

[_]Mother: Know that the hand that rocks the cradle rules the world

[_]Father: Educate on how to successfully appeal to all for success

[_]Youth: Must learn to release the past, & express world humanitarian service

[_] 99/9 Avatar: A Master Of Universal Compassion & Love. Sacrifice To Give More Than One Takes. Inheriting the spiritual strength of great avatars of the past. Responsible for teaching health through universal purity freeing self from former negative habits & ideas through the concept of healing touch, love therapy & spiritual sensitivity, often misunderstood. Artistic genius, teacher   

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[_] Core Assessments   

[_] Parenting Survey 

[_] Parenting Consultation 

  • Commitment
  • Sessions
  • Monthly Planner
  • Aromatherapy Chart
  • Co-Parenting
  • Concerns & Problem Solving


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